Triton Subs Puts Florida On The Underwater Map

Triton Subs Puts Florida On The Underwater Map

Who cares about powerboats and kayaks when you can cruise the oceans with your own personal submarine. Better yet, place it on your big yacht and cruise the world’s oceans both above and below.

TRITON SUBMARINES (, located at 90015 17th Place in Vero Beach is the manufacturer of some of the top personal submersibles in the world. A subsidiary of U. S. Submarine, Triton makes eleven different submersibles and seven support boats to travel the oceans with your sub.

The Triton 1000/2 is the “family vehicle”: a 450 pound submersible that can take a crew of two to a depth of 1000 feet. (see picture) But you can get the incredible Triton 3600/6 that can descend 36,000 feet into the ocean, or the snappy five seat Triton 3300/6.

These people take the underseas world as seriously as Jules Verne. In fact, they beat Verne at his own sci-fi game for they own the Poseidon Undersea Resort, a real underwater hotel located on a private 225 acre Mystery Island in Fiji. Reservations for its opening were so great, they are already looking for a location for Poseidon II.

My suggestion is to put it over in Bimini so in my future (dream) I can sail my submersible from the Florida East Coast over to the Bahamas.

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