Best Disney WOrld Food For Vegans and Vegetarians

Best Disney WOrld Food For Vegans and Vegetarians

Although Walt Disney World advertises that it is “a vegetarian’s dream”, a quick evaluation of the menus and some interviews show that is quite an exaggeration. A lecto-ovo vegetarian will find a few menu items and has the option of removing items from many dishes. The vegan has a more difficult time. Disney’s recommendation to telephone the chefs of restaurants 72 hours ahead pf arrival is not an option for many people.

Here is our 2013 kudos:

BEST BUFFET: Tusker House (see photograph), African Kingdom – has a huge number of Indian and African menu items from salads to rice dishes. The staff will explain menu items.

BEST MENU ITEM: Liberty Tree Tavern (Magic Kingdom) offers a vegetarian burger of house made potatoe quinos with vegan tufo tzatzski sauce and sweet potato fries.

BEST DINNER ITEMS: Rose and Crown (Epcot) is an English pub serving a Vegetable Pie N Mash and a Vegetable Stone Pie on its dinner offerings. It is also the best patio spot to see the Epcot fireworks.

MOST FRIENDLY STAFF: Tokyo Dining (Japn Epcot) has a huge sushi menu plus vegetable tempura and vegetable croquettes. The manager will come to your table and discuss every menu item and diet issue with visitors.

BEST KID ITEM: Rainforest (Downtown Disney/Animal Kingdom) has a popular Portobello sandwich burger. Just oust the cheese.

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